Saturday, 25 June 2011

Peak District Trip June 2011

I had 4 days off work and planned a visit to the Peak District. I was going to start the Pennine Way, unfortunately my son had a minor accident and had to delay it by a day. I set out on Tuesday 21st June and got the train into Edale. I arrived at 6p.m. and being the longest day of the year had plenty of time to walk until sunset. From Edale I started the usual Pennine Way route. I got as far as Kinder Downfall. Set up camp and cooked dinner of Tuna with mash mmmmmmmmmm!!!

I had a few whiskeys while watching the sunset view and the lights of Cheshire and Manchester (above) a quality evening. Overcast though.

Pitch by Kinder Downfall
Next morning I woke at 7.30a.m. heavy rain and a wet sleeping bag. My tent had created a leak and was dripping from the centre hoop seam. I just moved to one side and put down my cooking pot and went back to sleep. I could not believe when I woke up again it was 12.10p.m. I must have slept 13 hours in total, I could not believe it. Ooops time to get up. Looked out of the tent.......... mist. Never the less got up and cooked breakfast, I also had company......

"Give me food"

So eventually I pressed on. It was nice to take my time. I just had to return to Edale by Thursday pm (tomorrow) to get the train back home.   

Me looking towards Hayfield
 I kept walking on and took a right down through Black Ashop Moor. I found a ruin to have a snack stop along the way. I did not get very far when looking at the map. 
Perfect snack stop out of the fierce wind

Clough behind Snake Pass

 I found a shooting cabin in a clough behind Snake Pass Inn. Perfect! If I was going to spend another night in the torrential rain at least I would spend it dry. I placed my things in bin liners and went off to get a couple of pints at the Snake Pass Inn "Open All Day" the sign stated. It was closed!! Never mind I still had a bit of Scotch to have for the evening.

Stayed there that night. Brilliant nights kip, at a couple of points I woke to the sound of fierce rain on the roof, I kept dry though.

Shooting Cabin

View from Shooting Cabin

Got up early next day at 8a.m. and made my way back to Edale via Upper Derwent. It rained and I got soaked wet through. I was early for the train so a quick pint and steak and mushroom pie at the Old Nags Head, perfect, then back on train. A reliable service and cheaper option than driving!